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A synthesis of research and learning on persistent global acute malnutrition in the Kenyan arid and semi-arid lands

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By Helen Young | February 2022

This report synthesizes the Nawiri research findings up to the end of September 2021 in relation to the conceptual framework for addressing acute malnutrition in northern Kenya.

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Sharing to Survive: Investigating the Role of Social Networks During Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Cover of Sharing to Survive Report

After more than seven years of conflict over 20 million Yemenis—66% of the population—are in need of assistance. Nonetheless, the humanitarian response in Yemen remains severely underfunded. This study examines the ways in which Yemenis have relied on their social networks to survive.

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Localization: A “Landscape” Report

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This landscape study about localization examined the literature and spoke to over five dozen key informants from different perspectives, positions, and countries across the humanitarian sector.

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Role of Native Administration in Integrated Natural Resource Management and Conflict Resolution in Central Darfur State, Sudan

University of Zalingei Report Cover

Researchers from the University of Zalingei in Central Darfur, Sudan, conducted this study to improve the understanding of the role played by the Native Administration in integrated natural resource management in Central Darfur over the last twenty years, and to understand the conflicts and disputes associated with land access.

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Making the Nexus Real: Moving from theory to practice

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This report explores the nexus (small n), as a way of programming, and the HDP Nexus approach (capital N), as the approach promoted by the UN and OECD/DAC.

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