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Remembering Sabina Robillard

In Memory of Sabina Robillard
| November 2022

Sabina Carlson Robillard passed away on November 16, 2022, after a long battle with cancer. The Feinstein International Center and the whole Friedman and Tufts community mourn her passing and…

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Anticipatory Action in Motion: Recapping the most recent evidence and illuminating a pathway forward

Cover of Report "Anticipatory Action in Motion"

This anticipatory action landscape brief summarizes what has been published on anticipatory action since 2020 and what progress has been made on existing recommendations.

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Education and Female Youth in Displacement in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

cover of report: Education and Female Youth in Dsiplacement in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

This paper examines the role of marital status and motherhood on schooling experience and educational interruption, attainment, and aspirations in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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Feinstein International Center: A celebration of 25 years

Teddy Atim speaking in film about the Feinstein International Center
| October 2022

A short film looking back over the first 25 years of the Feinstein International Center’s efforts to promote the use of evidence and learning in operational and policy responses to protect and strengthen the lives, livelihoods, and dignity of people affected by or at risk of hunger and humanitarian crises.

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Behavior Change in the Face of Disaster Risk Finance

By Theodore Ezike | September 2022

Disaster Risk Finance (DRF) mechanisms are relatively new in anticipatory action. This paper explores how DRF can affect individual behavior or risk perception.

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