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Do Famine Declarations Really Lead to Increased Funding?

Thumbnail of Report "Do Famine Declarations Really Lead to Increased Funding?

This policy brief examines the relationship between famine declarations and funding since 2011. It shows that, with that one exception, there is little evidence that famine declarations actually result in a rapid increase in funding.

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Acting in Advance of Flooding: Early action in South Sudan

Image of Brief Cover: Actingin in Advance of Flooding
By Evan Easton-Calabria | May 2023

In 2022 UN OCHA led a pilot anticipatory action intervention in South Sudan. This brief presents UN actors’ perceptions of this intervention.

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Sex, age (and more) still matter: Data collection, analysis, and use in humanitarian practice

Cover of Report "Sex, age (and more) still matter"

This report reviews progress, outlines barriers to further progress, and makes recommendations to advance gender equality in the humanitarian system.

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“Co-investigators but with different power”: Local voices on the localization of humanitarian research

Picture of report cover "Co-investigators but with different power"

Building on a previous report on the localization of humanitarian assistance, this study focuses on issues unique to the localization of humanitarian research.

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Famine Prevention: A Landscape Report

Thumbnail of Famine Prevention Report Cover

This study reviews what we have learned regarding policies and interventions to prevent famine, and how these can be scaled up more rapidly.

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