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Nutrition in Africa’s drylands: a conceptual framework for addressing acute malnutrition

By Helen Young | July 2020

This brief reviews and updates the generally accepted conceptual framework of drivers of acute malnutrition in Africa’s drylands, where emergency levels of global acute malnutrition stubbornly persist.

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Changing Land Tenure Regimes

This brief reviews farming and pastoralist livelihood systems to highlight their evolving and overlapping tenure regimes. The learning brief series aims to promote awareness and understanding of natural resource use and management in Darfur to support the Taadoud II program and wider programs and policies to effectively build resilient livelihoods.

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Localization across contexts: Lessons learned from four case studies

This brief highlights similarities and differences between two studies on localization of humanitarian action and identifies lessons learned that may reach beyond specific emergencies in Indonesia and the Horn of Africa.

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Classifying Acute Food Insecurity Using the Household Hunger Scale

This study employed an active case identification approach to identifying the worst affected households in communities and make recommendations for how classification could be further improved.

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Household Resilience During Conflict: Qualitative Comparative Analysis for the Case of Syria

By Kimberly Howe, Tyson Patros | June 2020

This paper contributes to the dialogue on methodological options by exploring the utility of applying Qualitative Comparative Analysis using fuzzy sets (fsQCA) for understanding complex causality and the conditions that support resilience in humanitarian contexts.

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