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2020 Hindsight? The Ecosystem of Humanitarian Diagnostics and Its Application to Anticipatory Action

The nature of humanitarian crises has changed over the past two decades. These changes demand increased anticipatory humanitarian action and improved information to guide that action. The COVID 19 pandemic…

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Seasonality, sex, and acute malnutrition in Chad’s Sila Province

This brief summarizes the seasonal patterns of acute malnutrition and differences in seasonal patterns and possible drivers for boys and girls in the Goz Beida Region of eastern Chad.

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Seasonality matters: how cyclical changes trigger drivers of acute malnutrition in Chad’s Sila Province

This brief summarizes the seasonal patterns of acute malnutrition and its key drivers in the Goz Beida Region of Chad.

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Against the Norm: Religion, Witchcraft, and the Re-Integration of Elderly and “Socially Dissident” Returnees

By Mwaona Nyirongo | November 2020

This report explores lived reintegration experiences of Malawian returnees from Johannesburg, living in Mzuzu, Malawi. In this study, Mwaona Nyirongo explores the challenges and opportunities that the returnees face reintegrating…

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“Education is a protection”: Refugee Parents’ Involvement in their Children’s Schools

By Abdullah Alsmaeel | November 2020

In this case report, Abdullah Alsmaeel writes about the difficulties refugee parents face in being involved in their children’s education, from interacting with teachers to openly hostile Danish policies towards…

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