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Karamoja and Northern Uganda: Comparative analysis of livelihood recovery in the post-conflict periods

livelihood recovery in Uganda

This paper examines the parallel but separate trajectories of peace-building, transformation, and livelihood recovery in northern (Acholi and Lango sub-regions) and northeastern (Karamoja sub-region) Uganda over the past 15 years….

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Views from the Ground: Perspectives on Localization in the Horn of Africa

Report on Localization

This study interrogates the assumptions that underpin a localized response, and identifies the factors that enable and hinder local actors in providing a high-quality, principled, and effective response in three countries in the Horn of Africa: Kenya, Somalia/Somaliland, and South Sudan.

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Twin peaks: the seasonality of acute malnutrition, conflict, and environmental factors

Report: Twin Peaks of Malnutrition

This report highlights major new findings on the seasonal patterns of child malnutrition and their links to climate variability, conflict, and livelihood systems in Chad, Sudan, and South Sudan.

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Islamabad, Pakistan: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Madeeha Ansari | October 2019

Pakistan has experienced several waves of refugees due to recurring conflict in neighboring Afghanistan, as well as repeated internal displacement caused by complex emergencies within the country. This case report…

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Albany Park, Chicago, USA: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Saidouri Zomaya | October 2019

Amidst rhetorical headlines about refugees and borders in the United States, this report takes a step back to take the long view of how immigrants in a suburb of Chicago…

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