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Role of Native Administration in Integrated Natural Resource Management and Conflict Resolution in Central Darfur State, Sudan

University of Zalingei Report Cover

Researchers from the University of Zalingei in Central Darfur, Sudan, conducted this study to improve the understanding of the role played by the Native Administration in integrated natural resource management in Central Darfur over the last twenty years, and to understand the conflicts and disputes associated with land access.

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The Role of Community-Based Natural Resource Management Mechanisms in Sustainable Livelihoods in North Darfur

Researchers from the University of Al Fashir in North Darfur, Sudan conducted this study to identify the ways in which access to and use of natural resources in North Darfur is effectively regulated through Community-Based Natural Resource Management mechanisms and what impact these mechanisms have on people’s livelihoods.

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Mount Kulal evidence brief: women’s knowledge of child malnutrition

Mount Kulal brief cover
| December 2021

This brief presents the results from the Mount Kulal pilot that investigated the seasonality and basic causes of acute malnutrition in northern Kenya.

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Livelihood Components of Durable Solutions for IDPs

cover of durable solutions report

This assessment examines three ways in which national and international actors have sought to implement long-term, “durable,” solutions to internal displacement in Ethiopia’s Somali Region: resettlement, relocation, and local integration.

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دور الحكم المحلي والمؤسسات المجتمعية في الإدارة السلمية المشتركة للموارد الطبيعية: إضاءات من وسط وشمال دارفور.

Brief 4 Cover
By Saverio Krätli | November 2021

This brief (in Arabic) explores the idea that social relationships dictate people’s experience of the natural environment on which their livelihoods depend, to discuss the issue of peaceful natural resource management in Darfur. 

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