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Blue on Blue: Investigating Sexual Abuse of Peacekeepers

Cover of Blue on Blue Report

This report reveals that sexual abuse is a major threat to uniformed peacekeepers, especially women. The UN and troop- and police-contributing countries have not adequately responded to the issue.

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Navigating and Negotiating Livelihoods and the Transition to Adulthood in Karamoja, Uganda

Report image: navigating and negotiating livelihoods in Karamoja, Uganda

New shocks (such as Covid-19) and persistent shocks (such as livestock and crop disease) caused rapid changes for young men and women in the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda between 2019…

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Youth’s Experiences with and Responses to the Livelihood Shocks of Covid-19 and Insecurity in Karamoja, Uganda in 2020

Cover of Report: Youth Experience with and Response to Livelihood Shocks in Karamoja, Uganda

This briefing paper examines how various shocks affected youth in the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda in 2020 and early 2021.

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Measuring the Resilience of Livelihoods in Darfur: The Income Streams Index

cover of the report on measuring the reslience of livelihoods in Darfur

This report uses an innovative real-time index, the Income Streams Index (ISI), to teach us how households in three states in Darfur Sudan managed and adapted their livelihood activities in the face of multiple shocks of various types and sizes over three years.

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Market Access and Quality Critical for Food Security in Periods of Stress

report cover: Market Access and Quality Critical for Food Security in Periods of Stress
By Anastasia Marshak | March 2022

This paper describes how market access is associated with household food security and dietary diversity in the Karamoja region of Uganda in 2018 and 2019.

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