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Women’s knowledge on the seasonality and causes of child malnutrition in Marsabit county, Kenya

cover of report about malnutrition in Marsabit county, Kenya

This report presents the results of a participatory analysis of the causes and seasonality of malnutrition in children and mothers in North Horr and Loiyangalani wards in Marsabit county, Kenya.

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“I could not sleep while they were hungry”: Investigating the role of social networks in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

This brief report presents initial findings from a study investigating the role of social networks in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis.

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Brief 2: Transforming Livelihood Systems: Meeting needs in a changing world

This brief reviews how farming, agro-pastoralist, and pastoralist livelihood systems in Darfur are permanently changing in response to these major changes and in the face of ever-increasing pressure on natural resources.

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Seeing in the Dark: Real-Time Monitoring in Humanitarian Crises

This paper reviews real-time monitoring (RTM), how it fits into a humanitarian information system, how systems quickly adjusted toward RTM in 2020, and provides a series of case studies of RTM systems, their objectives, and their outcomes. 

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Income Streams Index (ISI) Development: 2021 Interim Report

By Merry Fitzpatrick | March 2021

ISI is a measure of one aspect of resilience that is being developed and refined through a three-year longitudinal panel study embedded in the Taadoud program. This report uses data from six rounds of data collection and describes trends in livelihood activities, correlating them with ISI scores over time.

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