Barbara Athieno

Barbara AthienoResearch Manager

Working with Feinstein Since: February, 2018
Based in: Moroto, Uganda

Barbara is the Uganda based focal point for the Mercy Corps Apolou research activities in Karamoja. She is responsible for conducting and administering research as well as liaising with consortium partners and relevant stakeholders.

Barbara’s recent research has focused on agriculture, business, education, health care, water management, hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and child growth, and gender. Prior to joining Feinstein, Barbara was a team leader for a variety of research projects in Uganda, most recently completing two studies on education with Research Solutions Africa.

Barbara received her bachelor’s from Makerere University in Uganda and is completing her master’s in research and public policy at Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi.

Research Interests:

Livelihoods and Education

Feinstein Research Projects

Apolou: Understanding the poor’s interactions with market systems and international programming

Feinstein’s work as part of the Apolou project seeks to understand the impacts over time of a shift to an increasingly cash-based economy on different wealth, livelihood, and demographic groups.

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Feinstein Publications

Youth experiences with and access to savings and credit in Karamoja, Uganda

This paper analyzes and investigates young people’s interactions with savings and credit associations and how this contributed to livelihood strategies.

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“Young people are the fulcrum of the community”: Youth experiences and aspirations in four districts of Karamoja, Uganda

This report presents findings on the experiences and aspirations of male and female youth as they interact with the economic and aid systems in the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda. This…

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