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Harare, Zimbabwe: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Natasha Venables | March 2020

This case report explores the voluntary return to Zimbabwe, the impact the returnees’ have on the city of Harare, and their experiences of reintegration.

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Mombasa, Kenya: A Case Report in Refugees in Towns

By Aisha Adan, Ella Duncan | March 2020

This report examines experiences of somalis in Mombasa, Kenya. The case study also examines how Somali-Kenyans navigate their identities and access opportunities.

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Thessaloniki, Greece: A Case Report in Refugees in Towns

This report attempts to shed light on the integration process for the most recent wave of refugees in Thessaloniki.

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Currency of Connections: The role of social connectedness among South Sudanese refugees in West Nile, Uganda

Currency of Connections Report Thumbnail
By Elizabeth Stites, Alex Humphrey | January 2020

This briefing paper examines how South Sudanese refugees in settlements in West Nile, Uganda establish and leverage their social connectedness throughout the process of displacement and settlement.

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Towards Anticipatory Information Systems and Action: Notes on Early Warning and Early Action in East Africa

Towards Anticipatory Info Systems Cover
By Daniel Maxwell, Peter Hailey | January 2020

This paper reviews issues with contemporary humanitarian information and early warning systems. While the cases focus on the East Africa region, they have broader implications as well.

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