Teddy Atim

Teddy AtimResearcher

Teddy Atim joined the Feinstein International Center in June, 2013 as Researcher on the ODI-Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Project and will be based in Kampala, Uganda.

Teddy Atim will support research design, carry out field based research, assist with analysis and represent the SLRC Uganda project in the region.

Teddy Atim started her professional work in northern Uganda since 2001, working with children, women and communities affected by war in northern Uganda both as a practitioner and a researcher. She is herself a member of one of the conflict affected communities in northern Uganda. Beginning her humanitarian work with Concerned Parents Association, she worked on a number of research and documentation processes regarding abduction and return of captives. Teddy later worked with Save the Children in Uganda as a child protection officer, supporting child protection work for children affected by armed conflict in northern Uganda. At Save the Children, she helped design and implement the first studies of child prostitution and street children in northern Uganda, a phenomena greatly increased as a result of the war.

In 2007-2008, Teddy received a Ford Foundation Fellowship, which she used to complete her Masters in Humanitarian Assistance at Tufts University, graduating in spring 2008. She holds a B.A. in Social Sciences, (social administration and sociology) from Makerere University, Kampala. She is also a member of the international coalition on women’s human rights in armed conflict.

Since Aug 2008, she has been FIC Team Leader for northern Uganda, focusing on community-based and community-informed reparation and transitional justice measures with Prof Mazurana. Teddy’s work focuses on the effects of the over two decade conflict between the GoU and LRA rebels on the community in northern Uganda. She is particularly interested in the experience of conflict on people’s ability to rebuild their lives. She has specific interest on children and youth affected by armed conflict with a gender and generational lens.

FIC Publications

Making Gender-Just Remedy and Reparation Possible Upholding the Rights of Women and Girls in the Greater North of Uganda

Victims of serious violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law have a clearly established right to remedy and reparation. This right must be recognized without discrimination of…

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Modern Challenges to Traditional Justice The Struggle to Deliver Remedy and Reparation in War-Affected Lango
By Teddy Atim, Keith Proctor | June 2013

This report is part of a series by Feinstein International Center that examines the impact of armed conflict on civilian populations in northern Uganda and struggles for redress and remedy.

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Traditional Justice and Accountability in Northern Uganda
By Teddy Atim | August 2013

This field research will document and analyze how traditional justice and accountability systems in northern Uganda address war-related crimes and harms committed during the region’s conflict. Special attention will be given to how these informal systems take up rebel- and government-perpetrated crimes against women and girls.

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