Roxanne Krystalli

Roxanne KrystalliProgram Manager

Working with Feinstein Since: 2013
Based in: Somerville, MA

At Feinstein, Roxanne Krystalli focuses on how to better generate, synthesize, and use evidence in the humanitarian field.  Her own research focuses on patterns of violence in mass atrocities and on victim-centered transitional justice, paying particular attention to gender and other dimensions of power. Roxanne has spent a decade working on issues of gender and violence in conflict areas and transitional contexts, including working with ex-combatants and victims of violence in Colombia, Guatemala, Uganda, Sudan, Mexico, Pakistan, and other areas in collaboration with international organizations and community-based groups. Her most recent project is a multi-country refugee research study, examining the moral and financial economies of forced migration, culminating in a series of publications on the Financial Journeys of Refugees.

For her work, Roxanne has been recognized with the Presidential Award for Citizenship and Service at Tufts University. She is a current US Institute of Peace “Peace Scholar,” a recipient of the Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship and Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship and holds a fellowship from the Henry J. Leir Institute for Human Security. Her published work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Conversation, Open Democracy, Women Under Siege, NextBillion, and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative blog. Roxanne has a BA from Harvard University and an MA from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and she is a PhD Candidate at The Fletcher School, where she is researching the politics of victimhood during transitions from violence, with a focus on the case of Colombia.

Research Interests:
  • Transitional justice
  • Gender and violence in war and transitions
  • Humanitarian evidence synthesis
  • Qualitative research in vulnerable settings
  • The politics of humanitarianism
Regional Focus:
  • Latin America
Most Recent External Publications:

News Items

Dyan Mazurana and Roxanne Krystalli’s chapter published in The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict
October 30, 2017

Dyan Mazurana and Roxanne Krystalli wrote a chapter called “Gender and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration: Reviewing and Advancing the Field” for The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict. The Handbook focuses…

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Kim Wilson and Roxanne Krystalli discuss refugees’ formal and informal financial systems
September 20, 2017

Kim Wilson and Roxanne Krystalli’s report, The Financial Journey of Refugees, is receiving attention: It was lists on the New York Time’s The Interpreter column as recommended reading. Kim Wilson…

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Feinstein Research Projects

The Financial Journey of Refugees
By Kim Wilson, Roxanne Krystalli | October 2017

The Financial Journeys of Refugees is a study that investigates what money and financial transactions can reveal about the journeys and experiences of forced migration.

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The Humanitarian Evidence Program

The Humanitarian Evidence Program produces a series of evidence syntheses to distill humanitarian evidence and communicate it to key stakeholders in order to enable better decision-making and improve humanitarian policy and practice.

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Feinstein Publications

The Financial Journey of Refugees
Financial Journey Of Refugees Cover
By Kim Wilson, Roxanne Krystalli | October 2017

This report investigates what money and financial transactions can reveal about the journeys and experiences of forced migration.

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Synthesizing practices of evidence appraisal in the humanitarian field
By Roxanne Krystalli, Lauren Emerson | November 2015

This paper synthesizes evidence appraisal practices to inform evidence syntheses in the Humanitarian Evidence Program. It is addressed to all audiences interested in humanitarian evidence, including but not limited to researchers,…

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