Roxani Krystalli discusses Colombian peace talks on Colombia Calling podcast

Roxani Krystalli is featured on the Colombia Calling podcast to discuss the ongoing peace talks in Colombia. She explores challenges and opportunities of doing research in vulnerable settings and discusses her gender analysis of armed groups.

Roxani underscores the importance of thinking about the use and uptake of research, not just how it is conducted. She emphasizes the need to think about the priorities of research participants, particularly in vulnerable settings. She references the Lean Research approach as a useful tool in this endeavor. Roxani also shares key insights on research uptake from her work as the Program Manager for the Humanitarian Evidence Program.

With respect to gender analysis of Colombian armed groups, Roxani discusses her recent piece in the Washington Post, which states that men, women, boys, and girls join armed groups for different reasons and occupy different roles within groups. Therefore each has different needs, priorities, and challenges during the disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration process. While the mere inclusion of women in the peace process is an important step, to be truly effective, gender issues must be explicitly on the agenda and gender analysis must be conducted throughout the peace process.

The podcast is available for free on iTunes (download #137 here). It is also available for free on Stitcher.