Roxani Krystalli attends symposium on gender and peace processes

Roxanne Krystalli and Fletcher Alumnae

In July 2018, Roxani Krystalli participated in a closed symposium of researchers and practitioners who focus on gender in peace processes. Ambassador Melanne Verveer convened the symposium, “Bridging Theory and Practice: Women’s Informal Involvement in Peace Processes,” at Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace, and Security. Roxani discussed insights from her ongoing research on the politics of victimhood in Colombia. She also shared her past experience with gender and peace processes, engagement with former combatants and victims’ groups, and strategies for navigating ethical and methodological dilemmas around these issues.

Photo: Roxani and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy alumnae Saskia Brechenmacher, Maria Stephan, and Jenny Marron.