Feinstein faculty and researchers help students prepare for summer fieldwork

In May, Feinstein faculty and researchers conducted several workshops for students (particularly those with upcoming summer research internships) to help them prepare for practicalities in the field:

  • Kim Wilson and Roxani Krystalli hosted a Lean Research workshop that discussed how to design rigorous, respectful, relevant, and right-sized research in volatile settings or with vulnerable groups. The workshop featured a keynote by the Girl Effect’s TEGA team, who worked with MIT’s D-Lab to design a tool and methodology for enabling adolescent girls to become researchers in their own communities, as opposed to always being researched.
  • Karen Jacobsen and a consortium of faculty and researchers who focus on forced migration in Boston-area universities hosted a methods workshop for students interested in conducting research with refugees. The workshop explored questions of entry and access, methodologies of participatory research, ethics, the challenges of translation, and more.
  • Dyan Mazurana, Karen Jacobsen, and Kim Wilson hosted their third annual workshop on Practicalities of Field Research, discussing researcher safety, security, and well-being in field settings.