Roxani Krystalli discusses innovations in the Colombian peace process

As part of Innovate Tufts 2017, Roxani Krystalli participated in a panel discussion on innovations in the Colombian peace process. She discussed the peace process engagement with victims’ associations, the work of the gender sub-commission, and the participation of the private sector. She also asked what it means in 2017 to frame gender inclusion and the participation of women in the peace process as an innovation. Roxani challenged the audience to consider what the framing of certain peace process elements as innovation suggest about default assumptions, and what happens when the innovations get sidelined under the banner of ‘urgency’ during a peace process. She concluded by reflecting on who reaps the benefits of innovation, noting that while the state and international community may benefit from this framing, those affected by violence may not fully experience the benefits of innovations in peace processes until later in the implementation cycle—or never at all.