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Income Streams Index (ISI) Development: 2021 Interim Report

By Merry Fitzpatrick | March 2021

ISI is a measure of one aspect of resilience that is being developed and refined through a three-year longitudinal panel study embedded in the Taadoud program. This report uses data from six rounds of data collection and describes trends in livelihood activities, correlating them with ISI scores over time.

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Seasonality of Acute Malnutrition and its Drivers in Sila Province, Chad: a mixed methods analysis

This report explores the seasonal patterns of acute malnutrition and its key drivers in the Goz Beida Region of Chad. 

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A preliminary stakeholder analysis for addressing global acute malnutrition in the Kenyan ASALs

This report describes findings from a preliminary stakeholder survey on perceptions of malnutrition in northern Kenya.

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Livestock marketing and gendered decision-making in Karamoja, Uganda

By Anastasia Marshak, Elizabeth Stites | December 2020

This briefing paper is based on a midline quantitative survey for the Apolou project in the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda.

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Innovations and adaptations in youth livelihoods in Karamoja, Uganda

This briefing paper examines the ways in which young people take advantage of emerging livelihood opportunities and respond to shocks.

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