Peter Hailey

Peter HaileyVisiting Fellow

Peter Hailey is a nutrition specialist with extensive international experience managing large scale nutrition specific and sensitive programs. He recently completed an assignment as chief of nutrition in UNICEF Somalia where he successfully led UNICEF’s extensive scale up in nutrition and cash programming in response to the 2010/11 famine. Prior to this, he worked with UNICEF and NGOs in emergencies around Africa, the Balkans, and Central Asia. In 2014, with a colleague he started a trust, Centre for Humanitarian Change (CHC), based in Kenya working on issues related to a new way of working in the fragile areas of East Africa. His work for CHC has involved consultancies and research on adaptive learning, health system strengthening, surge approaches, localization and marginalization in Somalia, and resilience in East Africa and beyond. He is a member of the Famine Review Committee, an independent committee, supporting the Integrated Phased Classification System in countries where famine is a high risk.

He has published research related to nutrition information systems in emergencies and contributed to research on the 2010/11 famine in Somalia and on famines more widely. His passion is to be wild bush camping with his family in as many places in Africa as possible.


News Items

Daniel Maxwell and Peter Hailey published a paper in the JHA on analyzing famine
September 20, 2021

Daniel Maxwell and Peter Hailey published a paper in the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs (JHA) titled, “Analyzing Famine: The Politics of Information and Analysis in Food Security Crises.” This paper synthesizes the…

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Feinstein Researchers publish about hunger deaths in The New Humanitarian
February 8, 2021

Daniel Maxwell, Peter Hailey, and colleagues published an article in The New Humanitarian, which discuses how humanitarians must focus on the loss of death and urgently preventing it rather than…

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Feinstein Publications

Another Humanitarian (and Political) Crisis in Somalia in 2022
Cover of Report: Another Crisis in Somalia 2022

This report rings the alarm about likely famine in Somalia in 2022 by comparing the situation today with the situation before and during the famine in 2011.

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Seeing in the Dark: Real-Time Monitoring in Humanitarian Crises

This paper reviews real-time monitoring (RTM), how it fits into a humanitarian information system, how systems quickly adjusted toward RTM in 2020, and provides a series of case studies of RTM systems, their objectives, and their outcomes. 

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