Against the Norm: Religion, Witchcraft, and the Re-Integration of Elderly and “Socially Dissident” Returnees

This report explores lived reintegration experiences of Malawian returnees from Johannesburg, living in Mzuzu, Malawi. In this study, Mwaona Nyirongo explores the challenges and opportunities that the returnees face reintegrating to Mzuzu, focusing particularly on the experiences of elderly returnees and those who break with traditional, often religiously and socially conservative norms in Malawian society. Their specific challenges include witchcraft accusations, changes in the business terrain, broken families, challenges with freedom of thought, hunger, extended families which strain them, loss of resources, and lack of social security. The report points out that there are initiatives aimed at helping elderly returnees, but these are not adequate to help them reintegrate smoothly.






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This learning brief presents preliminary findings on strategic mobility and its nutritional benefits to pastoral and agropastoral communities in select sites in Isiolo and Marsabit Counties, Kenya.

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In 2022 UN OCHA led a pilot anticipatory action intervention in South Sudan. This brief presents UN actors’ perceptions of this intervention.

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This report reviews progress, outlines barriers to further progress, and makes recommendations to advance gender equality in the humanitarian system.

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This assessment examines three ways in which national and international actors have sought to implement long-term, “durable,” solutions to internal displacement in Ethiopia’s Somali Region: resettlement, relocation, and local integration.

This report analyzes gang violence affecting African refugee communities in Cairo, Egypt to promote understanding of why violence occurs and local grassroots efforts to prevent violence. It makes recommendations for how humanitarian organizations can support community efforts.

Le présent document d’information examine et met à jour le cadre conceptuel généralement accepté des moteurs de la malnutrition aiguë dans les zones arides africaines, où continue d’exister obstinément un niveau critique de malnutrition aiguë globale.

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