Mwaona Nyirongo

Feinstein Publications

Against the Norm: Religion, Witchcraft, and the Re-Integration of Elderly and “Socially Dissident” Returnees
By Mwaona Nyirongo | November 2020

This report explores lived reintegration experiences of Malawian returnees from Johannesburg, living in Mzuzu, Malawi. In this study, Mwaona Nyirongo explores the challenges and opportunities that the returnees face reintegrating…

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Johannesburg, South Africa: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns
Malawian migrants
By Mwaona Nyirongo | August 2019

The Johannesburg case report looks at Malawian migrants in one of South Africa’s largest cities. It explores the ways value transfer and financial obligations back home both obstruct integration into new neighborhoods and maintain integration with old villages.

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