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Briefing Paper: Sexual Assault Against Humanitarian and Development Aid Workers

By Dyan Mazurana, Phoebe Donnelly | February 2017

This briefing paper summarizes the findings from a review of scholarly and grey literature, as well as interviews, on the topic of sexual assault against aid workers. The overall study goal is…

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Youth on the margins: in search of decent work in northern Uganda

Through a case study in Uganda’s second largest town, Lira, the research sets out to examine what the dynamics of young people’s work look like.

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Trading, power and politics in a northern Uganda marketplace

Through a case study of one recently redeveloped marketplace in northern Uganda, this study sets out to shed some light on what happens when attempts to modernize and formalize economic activity come into contact with the local realities of how trading, power and politics actually work

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Water, Livestock, and Malnutrition: Findings from an Impact Assessment

This report describes the results of an impact assessment on Concern Worldwide’s program in eastern Chad aimed at reducing malnutrition.

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Eau, betail et malnutrition: Résultats d’une étude d’impact

This is the French version of the report, Water, Livestock, and Malnutrition: Findings from an Impact Assessment.

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