Hussein Sulieman

Hussein SuliemanVisiting Fellow

Hussein Sulieman is the Director of the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems at the University of Gadarif, Sudan. His main research interest is the sociospatial analysis of land and environmental changes to understand the interaction of human activities and natural environment. He develops integrated approaches to study land use change by linking remote sensing, GIS, and socioeconomic data. He has seventeen years of experience with teaching, research, and consultancy. He teaches graduate courses in the area of environmental management, land use systems, remote sensing, and GIS. He has published in several journals on pastoral systems, climate change, land grabbing, mapping, and modeling of remotely sensed vegetation indices.

Hussein has been working with Feintstein since 2012 on project in Sudan including tracking livestock mobility using geospatial technology. He was formerly a visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, Providence RI, and at the Chr. Michelsens Institutt (CMI), Bergen, Norway.

Hussein trained in forestry, range, and cartography at the Universities of Kordofan (Sudan) and Dresden (Germany).

News Items

Hussein Sulieman shares livestock study findings with Sudanese Ministry
January 31, 2019

  Hussein Sulieman and Helen Young presented the results of their study, “Transforming Pastoralist Mobility in West Darfur: Understanding Continuity and Change” to the Sudanese Animal Resources Research Corporation (ARRC)…

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Commentary: Early findings from Tufts’ livestock mobility study in West Darfur, Sudan
January 12, 2019

Helen Young, Hussein Sulieman, and Anne Radday share early learning about different uses of livestock to improve resilience from their livestock tracking study in West Darfur, Sudan. In West Darfur,…

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Feinstein Research Projects

Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters

Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED), is a £140m project designed to improve the resilience of the most poor to climate extremes and shocks.

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Promoting Evidence and Learning on Pastoralism for Peace Building

This project investigates the practice of pastoralism in Sudan, offering recommendations for policymakers and service providers interacting with communities that include pastoralists.

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Feinstein Publications

تغير تنقل المواشي في غرب دارفور فهم الاستمرارية والتغيير
By Hussein Sulieman, Helen Young | April 2019

أظهرت الدراسات السابقة أنّ التنقل الذي يمارسه الرعاة يوفر مزايا كبيرة في الأراضي الجافة من خلال تمكين قطعان الماشية من الوصول إلى الرعي الأفضل جودة على مدار العام. تواجه أنماط…

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Transforming Pastoralist Mobility in West Darfur: Understanding Continuity and Change
pastoralist mobility in West Darfur
By Hussein Sulieman, Helen Young | January 2019

Earlier studies have shown that pastoralist mobility offers significant advantages in drylands by enabling herds to access the best-quality grazing over the course of a year. These patterns of mobility face many…

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