Hussein Sulieman discusses Feinstein projects at Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources

At the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Animal Resources in Sudan, Hussein Sulieman discussed the history of Feinstein’s work in Sudan and provided a technical overview of a current study of livestock mobility under the BRACED (Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters) program in Sudan. This study seeks to establish seasonal patterns of livestock mobility as practiced by a range of producers and among different species (camels, cattle, sheep) in two areas of West Darfur.

He was joined by Dr. Ammar El Shikh Idris Omer, Director General of Livestock Economics and Planning General Directorate at the ministry. They addressed an audience of high level officers from the ministry, military, security, and the humanitarian aid commission (HAC).

Hussein discussed outcomes from the following reports during the meeting:

Risk, Resilience, and Pastoralist Mobility

Pastoralism in Practice: Monitoring Livestock Mobility in Contemporary Sudan