Natural Resources Management: Local Perspectives from North and Central Darfur

The importance of natural resources in Darfur, Sudan is derived from the fact that the predominant rural livelihoods of the region depend primarily on those resources. Land is particularly important, but other landed resources such as water, forests, and range lands are also significant. The conditions of these resources and their contribution to rural livelihoods are influenced by various environmental, demographic, and governance factors.

This field report provides up-to-date information about the issues affecting the relationships between different users of natural resources within the changing context of Darfur. It is based on discussions with a range of stakeholders and communities that took place throughout 2019 in North and Central Darfur States. The researchers investigated the following four areas during these discussions:

  • Governance and natural resources
  • Availability of natural resources
  • Government interventions and gaps
  • Competition and disputes over natural resources

While this study was completed specifically for Taadoud operational partners, others working on natural resource management issues in Darfur and similar contexts may also find it useful.

For further information related to this report, see Brief: Changing Land Tenure Systems.