Helen Young, Hussein Sulieman,and colleagues publish an article about livestock mobility in East Darfur, Sudan

Roy Behnke, Helen Young, Hussein Sulieman, Sarah Robinson, and Ammar Idris  published an article titled, “The seasonal imperative: Environmental drivers of livestock mobility in East Darfur, Sudan.” This paper uses remotely sensed livestock tracking data to document pastoral behavior in relation to some of the biophysical factors that are important for livestock survival and production in East Darfur. This research is critical to policy and legal changes in Sudan, as the country is officially recognizing the value of migratory livestock production in recent years. 

The findings from this research supports the following policy relevant conclusions:

  • In East Darfur, migratory livestock production is resilient to rainfall fluctuations.
  • Mobile producers are exposed to increasing pressures on their mobility.
  • Pastoralists need sympathetic governance to mediate shared land use.
  • Migratory production in East Darfur uses locally available resources which leaves livestock owners and government free to expend cash reserves on other kinds of inputs, investments or activities.