Helen Young shares report on pastoralist mobility with Sudanese ministry

helen_at_sudanese_ministry_disseminationOn Sunday, August 28 Helen Young presented the findings of her recent report “Risk, Resilience, and Pastoralist Mobility” with the Federal Ministry of Animal Resources in Khartoum, Sudan. The Chair for the event was the Director General for Planning and Livestock Economics.

The report is the output of the research project “Promoting Evidence and Learning on Pastoralism for Peace Building,” funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom and UK aid from the Department for International Development. The project explores pastoralism in Sudan, considering migration patterns and rationales as well as herders’ market strategies, and offering recommendations for policymakers and service providers interacting with any community that includes pastoralists.

A second, larger dissemination by Professor Hussein Suleiman, co-author of the report, in Arabic is planned for September. The presentation will be hosted by the Federal Ministry and organized through the Pastoralism Forum.