Matteo Caravani

Matteo CaravaniPostdoctoral Fellow

Matteo Caravani is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Feinstein International Center, and he is part of a team implementing a new three-year project funded by USAID/BHA that re-examines early warning systems and humanitarian responses in pastoral areas across the Sudano-Sahel and Greater Horn of Africa.

He is a political economist working at the intersection between social protection, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, and more specifically on the ways in which the theory and practice of development impacts marginalized populations.

His research interests and expertise have developed over ten years working as a researcher and policy advisor in East Africa, where emerging local scarcity and dispossession of resources and livelihoods have increased vulnerability, thus causing local conflict, food insecurity and abject poverty.

Most Recent External Publications:

Feinstein Research Projects

Early Warning Systems and Humanitarian Response

This project aims to improve the lives and livelihoods of populations in pastoral areas of the Sudano-Sahel and Greater Horn of Africa by ensuring that early warning systems and humanitarian action are better attuned and more responsive to the needs and realities of these communities.

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