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Briefing Paper: Constraints and Complexities of Information and Analysis in Humanitarian Emergencies: Evidence from Yemen

A study of the effectiveness of the Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) system, as it is used to identify famine and levels of food insecurity in Yemen.

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Examining Alternative Livelihoods for Improved Resilience and Transformation in Afar

This study reviews the different types of alternative livelihoods available to pastoralist households in the Afar region of Ethiopia and makes recommendations for interventions to improve household resilience.

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تغير تنقل المواشي في غرب دارفور فهم الاستمرارية والتغيير

By Hussein Sulieman, Helen Young | April 2019

أظهرت الدراسات السابقة أنّ التنقل الذي يمارسه الرعاة يوفر مزايا كبيرة في الأراضي الجافة من خلال تمكين قطعان الماشية من الوصول إلى الرعي الأفضل جودة على مدار العام. تواجه أنماط…

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Izmir, Turkey: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Noor Ogli | March 2019

This case report explores what happened to a coastal Mediterranean city in Turkey that was transformed from a smuggling transit hub to Greece and the EU into a home for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees after the closing the Balkans Route in 2015.

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‘She told me that life here is so easy’: Urban migration of Acholi youth, Uganda

This working paper presents findings on the migration of youth from Acholi, Uganda to the urban areas of Gulu and Pabbo in northern Uganda, and to the Acholi Quarter neighborhood in Kampala.

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