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Brief: Livelihoods Change, Drought, and Malnutrition in Illeret, Northern Kenya

Cover of Brief about Illeret, Kenya
By John Burns, Andy Catley | June 2022

This brief report on how recent livelihoods trends such as the loss of the delta and recent shocks such as the 2022 drought have directly impacted food security and nutrition in Illeret, Kenya.

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Another Humanitarian (and Political) Crisis in Somalia in 2022

Cover of Report: Another Crisis in Somalia 2022

This report rings the alarm about likely famine in Somalia in 2022 by comparing the situation today with the situation before and during the famine in 2011.

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How Can Social Protection Systems Be Leveraged for Anticipatory Action?

cover of report: how can social protection systems be leverages for anticipatory action?

This literature review examines social protection systems in hazard-prone countries to make recommendations on how these systems could be best used to inform or implement anticipatory action.

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Life after marriage: an analysis of the experiences of conflict-affected female youth who are married under age 18 in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Life after Marriage report cover

This briefing paper examines the experiences of life after marriage for female youth who married under the age of 18 in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It describes how early marriage affects education, mental health, protection issue, and family dynamics.

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Perspectives on early marriage: the voices of female youth in Iraqi Kurdistan and South Sudan who married under age 18

Perspective on early marriage report cover

This briefing paper focuses on the decision-making processes that led displaced female youth to marry early, based on their experiences in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and South Sudan.

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