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Islamabad, Pakistan: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Madeeha Ansari | October 2019

Pakistan has experienced several waves of refugees due to recurring conflict in neighboring Afghanistan, as well as repeated internal displacement caused by complex emergencies within the country. This case report…

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Albany Park, Chicago, USA: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Saidouri Zomaya | October 2019

Amidst rhetorical headlines about refugees and borders in the United States, this report takes a step back to take the long view of how immigrants in a suburb of Chicago…

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Detroit, Michigan, USA: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns

By Leila Asadi | October 2019

When the American auto industry took a downturn in the 1990s and 2000s, it left numerous neighborhoods in and around Detroit impoverished and neglected. This case report looks at the…

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Tel Aviv, Israel: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Taj Haround, Gina Walker | October 2019

Fleeing persecution, discrimination, and lack of economic opportunities, thousands of Eritrean, Sudanese, and other sub-Saharan African asylum seekers arrived in Israel’s cities after making a dangerous crossing through Egypt’s Sinai…

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Athens, Greece: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

By Katerina Voutsina | October 2019

Amidst an economic crisis, Greece’s cities found themselves host to thousands of refugees stuck in transit along the Balkans Route on their way to Northern Europe. This case study attempts…

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