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The Currency of Connections: The evolution of pre-displacement connections in Bentiu, South Sudan

Currency of Connections Cover

This briefing paper examines changes in social connectedness in the Bentiu Protection of Civilians site and surrounding town.

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Synthesis Report: An Analysis of Four Case Studies of Youth Migration

This paper synthesizes findings from four studies on youth migration and resilience in different urban contexts. This work emerges from a collaboration between Save the Children US (Save US) and…

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“Don’t forget, you’re the responsible person.” Opportunities, Obligations,and Challenges Experienced by Young Adult Eritrean Migrants in Kampala

By Erica Shaps | September 2019

This study explores how Eritrean migrants’ different journeys influence their resilience capabilities and overall well-being in Kampala.

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“If you work hard, you will move ahead.” Migrants in the Platform Economy: Experience of Migrant Youth in Bengaluru, India

By Niharika Betkerur | September 2019

This study focuses on the financial and social impact of rural-urban migration on young men engaged in the platform economy in Bengaluru, India.

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“I haven’t changed like I wanted to. Until then, I will stay here.” Enabling Successful Migration for Young Rural-Urban Migrants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

By Sarah Carson | September 2019

This case study describes the experiences, livelihoods, and aspirations of Ethiopian youth who have migrated to Addis Ababa from rural areas.

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