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Coping with Microaggressions: Migrant Servers in Upscale Restaurants

By Barnabas Ticha Muvhuti | November 2020

Barnabas Ticha Muvhuti discusses the microaggressions that foreign restaurant servers face in their workplaces in South Africa and how they learn to cope with them. Most African migrants living in…

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A Picture of Central American Mobilities

In this case report, Victoria Ríos Infante and Cordelia Rizzo, who grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, explore how their neighborhoods have been transformed as a home to migrants from across Central America.

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Precarity and the Sustainability of Livelihoods

By Allen Cooper Dell | October 2020

In this case report, Ankara resident Allan Cooper Dell explores the neighborhoods of Turkey’s capital city being transformed by Syrian refugees. He notes “It seems that the lives of the…

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The Cowardly Man Raises his Children: Refugee Gang Violence and Masculine Norms in Cairo

By Paul Miranda, Karen Jacobsen | September 2020

This report analyzes gang violence affecting African refugee communities in Cairo, Egypt to promote understanding of why violence occurs and local grassroots efforts to prevent violence. It makes recommendations for how humanitarian organizations can support community efforts.

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The Currency of Connections: Why Do Social Connections Matter for Household Resilience in South Sudan?

This study looked at how social connections during times of crisis enable populations to manage shocks and stresses in South Sudan.

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