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Apolou Baseline Report: Household Wealth and Market Quality

This report reflects findings from the baseline quantitative study of a four-year research project in the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda. We describe different aspects of wealth, such as animal-related wealth…

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Kyiv, Ukraine: A Case Report for Refugees in Towns

By Yuliia Kabanets | July 2019

This case report reviews the ways internally displaced persons (IDPs) from eastern Ukraine both struggle with integration to the capital, but also become agents of change to transfer the culture and economy of the city.

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Irbid, Jordan: A Case Report of Refugees in Towns

Irbid, Jordan is now inhabited by more Syrian refugees than Jordanian hosts. Yet the most profound changes in the city—affecting and being affected by refugees’ integration—are megatrends affecting cities the world over

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Lessons for Taadoud II: Improving Natural Resource Management

This publication reviews activities in five Darfur states, providing contexts in these settings to analyze how they directly affect research in second phase of the Taadoud project. This desk review is to serve as a foundation and reference for the development of training materials, policy briefs, and research studies as part of the Taadoud II program. 

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Constraints and Complexities of Information and Analysis in Humanitarian Emergencies: Evidence from Yemen

A study of the effectiveness of the Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) system, as it is used to identify famine and levels of food insecurity in Yemen.

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