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Air Pollution, Human Health, Weather Events, and Anticipatory Action

Cover of Report on Air Pollution and Anticipatory Action
By Leah B. Poole | September 2022

This paper explains the connection between air pollution and climate change and considers how anticipatory action can address the impact of air pollution.

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Disaster Risk Financing: An Overview From Lesotho

cover of report about disaster risk financing in Lesotho

This brief examines Lesotho, a small country in southern Africa that is highly vulnerable to climate hazards, is equipped to make use of DRF.

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Circumscribed Lives: Separated, Divorced, and Widowed Female Youth in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Cover of Research Report

Very little is known about the experiences of female youth who marry under 18 and later become separated, divorced, or widowed. This briefing paper underscores the unique vulnerabilities and challenges that these youth face in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and South Sudan.

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The Cost of Being Female: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support of Displaced Female Youth in South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Cover of report on MHPSS and child marriage

This briefing paper outlines the situation of displaced female youth—unmarried, married, divorced, widowed—from a mental health and psychosocial functioning (MHPSS) lens.

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Local Knowledge and Perceptions on the Causes of Malnutrition among the Dasanech in Kenya

Cover of report on local knowlege and perceptions of malnutrition in Illeret Kenya

This study share the results of a rapid community-level analysis of the causes of acute malnutrition among the Dasanech in northern Kenya.

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