Challenges for Remote Management in Insecure Settings: Sustainability of Local Organizations and Donor Withdrawal: Second Briefing Paper from Breaking the Hourglass

remote management

This is the second briefing paper emerging from a longer report on humanitarian action and partnerships in remote management settings. This briefing paper offers key insights and findings on the sustainability of local organizations in the face of donor withdrawal in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan.  You may also access the full report here and the first briefing paper here.







Cover of Blue on Blue Report

This report reveals that sexual abuse is a major threat to uniformed peacekeepers, especially women. The UN and troop- and police-contributing countries have not adequately responded to the issue.

This study reviews fundamental questions about the humanitarian localization discussion in three contexts: a region of Haiti recovering from a hurricane, displacement and political crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the pressures of migration, conflict, and climate change in Colombia.

Syrian livelihoods through conflict

In partnership with Mercy Corps, Feinstein researchers undertook this work to understand why some households are managing the devastating impacts of war better than others.

livelihood adaptation

This publication explores the evolution of the “livelihoods approach” to development and humanitarian assistance.

service delivery

This paper describes the findings from research carried out in several areas of South Sudan in the context of armed conflict and raiding. The findings show that despite state-building efforts, service delivery remained inadequate in remote areas and that the interface between service delivery and people’s perceptions of the state is complex.

international engagement shifts

What can international aid policymakers and practitioners learn from the history of international engagement with South Sudan prior to and during the current conflict? This paper traces international engagement shifts…

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