“I haven’t changed like I wanted to. Until then, I will stay here.” Enabling Successful Migration for Young Rural-Urban Migrants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This case study describes the experiences, livelihoods, and aspirations of Ethiopian youth who have migrated to Addis Ababa from rural areas. Using a livelihoods framework, the research explores migrants’ lives at home, their decisions to migrate, and their experiences adjusting to life in the city. The study is also concerned with how youth’s future migration plans—generally either to stay in Addis, return home, or migrate abroad—affect their lives in Addis Ababa. Finally, the report delves into migrants’ ideas about success and failure and the characteristics associated with each. Understanding the relationship between migration aspirations, urban livelihoods, and future goals will help policymakers better serve the diverse needs of this population.

The capstone based on this research is available here.

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