Pastoralist Community Harmonization in the Karamoja Cluster: Taking it to the Next Level

This study is an assessment of the impacts of the Pastoral Community Harmonization Initiative (PCHI) in its fourth year. The resulting review gives PCHI high marks for its work on both the animal health and the conflict resolution fronts, and in developing synergies among them. It also flags several weaknesses needed attention. It notes that, with effective PCHI activities taking place in the field and excellent collaborative arrangements in place in Nairobi and elsewhere, the stage is set for a significant scaling up of the current PCHI work. The author offers a wider variety of options for taking the activities to the next level.






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This primer on pastoralism in Africa provides basic information on the core aspects of pastoralism as a livelihood and production system.

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Cette brève introduction au pastoralisme en Afrique donne des informations élémentaires sur les principaux aspects du pastoralisme en tant que moyen d’existence et système de production.

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This briefing describes the key elements and issues associated with conflict in pastoralist areas across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Ce document d’information décrit les éléments clés et les enjeux associés aux conflits dans les zones pastorales d’Afrique subsaharienne.

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This briefing paper summarizes some of the nuances that exist and the shifts that are occurring within gender dynamics in pastoralist livelihood systems in Africa.

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Cette note d’information résume certaines des nuances qui existent et les changements qui se produisent actuellement dans la dynamique du genre dans les systèmes de subsistance pastoraux en Afrique.

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