Jeeyon Janet Kim

Jeeyon Janet KimPhD Candidate

Jeeyon Janet Kim is a PhD Candidate at The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy’s Food Policy and Applied Nutrition Program. Since joining the program in 2013, she has worked with Daniel Maxwell on various projects relating to resilience, social capital, and politics of humanitarian data and response. For her dissertation, Janet is conducting a mixed methods study to examine the effects of migration on household food security status, women’s workload and decision-making roles in Nepal. As part of her dissertation, Janet is working with Feinstein Center’s Elizabeth Stites, Bapu Vaitla, Poshan Dahal, and Dan Maxwell on the Promoting Agriculture, Health, and Alternative Livelihoods (PAHAL) project in Nepal. Janet gratefully acknowledges the support of the Gerald J. Friedman Fellowship in Nutrition and Citizenship and the PAHAL project.

News Items

Dan Maxwell and colleagues publish on the Somalia Famine in Food Policy
November 20, 2016

Dan Maxwell, Nisar Majid, Guhad Adan, Khalif Abdirahman, and Janet Kim published their article “Facing famine: Somali experiences in the famine of 2011” in Food Policy journal December 2016 issue….

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Feinstein Research Projects

Promoting Agriculture, Health, and Alternative Livelihoods (PAHAL) in Nepal

This USAID-funded five-year project (2014-2019) aims to improve food security, resilience, and livelihoods for poor and marginalized communities in select areas of rural Nepal.

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Feinstein Publications

Narratives of Famine Somalia 2011

This paper is important reading for anyone working in or on Somalia because it presents the famine of 2011 from the perspective of those who lived through it in their…

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Facing Famine Somali Experiences in the Famine of 2011

In 2011–12, Somalia experienced the worst famine of the twenty-first century. Since then, research on the famine has focused almost exclusively on the external response, the reasons for the delay…

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