Review of Pastoral Rangeland Enclosures in Ethiopia

Access to productive rangeland has long been a critical issue affecting pastoralists in Ethiopia. In November 2011, the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University facilitated a review of a specific set of changes to rangeland management in Ethiopia, being the establishment of rangeland enclosures. This work was conducted under the Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative (PLI) in Ethiopia, funded by USAID and involving a consortium of non governmental organizations (NGOs) known as the PLI 2 consortium, working with government and other partners. The review considered the development of rangeland enclosures in Ethiopia and examined how different actors perceive the likely impact of enclosures on pastoralist livelihoods. Central to the review was the need to understand impact by pastoralist wealth group. The review process involved a literature review, field assessments in Borana and Somali pastoralist areas to understand current perceptions of the benefits of enclosures, particularly for poorer pastoralists, and finally, local stakeholder review workshops.