Growth, Health, and Governance, Karamoja, Uganda

The Feinstein International Center is one of the international partners on Mercy Corps’ Growth, Health and Governance (GHG) project in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda. This USAID-funded five year project (2012-2017) aims to improve livelihoods outcomes for the pastoral, agro-pastoral, and agrarian populations in the region. Each year, Feinstein conducts research in collaboration with Mercy Corps to inform and improve their programming.

Alcohol in Karamoja

This briefing paper examines alcohol brewing and consumption in Karamoja, Uganda from the health and economic perspectives.

Elizabeth Stites

• April 2018
karamoja development programming

This fifth year report examines key areas of change in Karamoja over the past five years to inform development programming decisions.

Elizabeth Stites, Kimberly Howe, Darlington Akabwai

• October 2017
revitalized pastoral livelihoods

This report reviews the state of animal-based livelihoods in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda and examines how animal ownership affects a household’s ability to weather shocks.

Elizabeth Stites, Kimberly Howe, Tsehay Redda, Darlington Akabwai

• July 2016
transformation of violence

This study provides a nuanced understanding of the transformation of violence for women, men, girls and boys in northern Karamoja at the household, community, district and the regional levels. Drivers...

Kimberly Howe, Elizabeth Stites, Darlington Akabwai, Mercy Corps

• November 2015
rural-urban migration

Much of the literature on urbanization focuses on migration to large cities. In contrast, this report traces the process, challenges, and opportunities of rural-urban migration to towns and small cities...

Elizabeth Stites, John Burns, Darlington Akabwai

• July 2014

This report documents the findings of a livelihoods assessment carried out as part of the USAID funded Growth, Health and Governance program being implemented by Mercy Corps and partners in...

John Burns, Gezu Bekele, Darlington Akabwai

• September 2013