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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Colombia Country Study

By Larry Minear | July 2006

The experience of Colombia sheds light on all four themes of the HA 2015 research. First, with respect to universality, Colombia sees itself as part and parcel of the western…

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Sudan Country Study

By Tasneem Mowjee | July 2006

Sudan has been torn by conflict and political strife throughout its history. As a result of the various conflicts, the political and economic situation in different parts of Sudan is…

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Northern Uganda Country Study

By Elizabeth Stites | June 2006

The HA2015 study examines the effects of four broad challenges on the humanitarian enterprise: universality, terrorism, coherence and security. Each of these has resonance in the context of northern Uganda….

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015 : Afghanistan Country Study

By Antonio Donini | June 2006

The four themes of the HA 2015 research come together in Afghanistan with clear-cut relevance. The externality of the aid enterprise and the baggage that comes with it—values, lifestyle, attitude,…

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In Search of Security A Regional Analysis of Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda, Eastern Uganda, and Southern Sudan

By Dyan Mazurana | November 2005

The war and humanitarian crises engulfing northern Uganda are intricately linked with the armed conflict and unrest in eastern Uganda and southern Sudan. As a result of the links between…

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