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The Future of Humanitarian Action: Implications of Iraq and other recent crises

A report on an international mapping exercise to understand the implications of the Iraq war and other crises on humanitarian action.

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Risk and Vulnerability in Ethiopia Learning from the Past, Responding to the Present, Preparing for the Future

The people of Ethiopia today are managing the risks and vulnerabilities generated by a serious drought, profound vulnerability to disease epidemics (human, crop and livestock), and a combination of local…

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The Quality of Money: Donor Behavior in Humanitarian Financing

humanitarian financing and donations
By Ian Smillie, Larry Minear | April 2003

Donor behavior represents a patchwork of policies and activities by individual governments, which taken together, do not provide a coherent or effective system for financing the international humanitarian enterprise. The…

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Pastoralist Community Harmonization in the Karamoja Cluster: Taking it to the Next Level

By Larry Minear | March 2001

an assessment of the impacts of the Pastoral Community Harmonization Initiative (PCHI) in its fourth year

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