Feinstein researchers publish a study on the impact of multi-sectoral intervention in the IJERPH

Anastasia Marshak, Helen Young, Anne Radday, and Elena Naumova published a study in the International Journal of Environmental  Research and Public Health (IJERPH) as part of the special issue, “Early Influences on Child Health and Wellbeing.” The study, titled “Sensitivity of Nutrition Indicators to Measure the Impact of a Multi-Sectoral Intervention: Cross-Sectional, Household, and Individual Level Analysis,” provides evidence for multi-sectoral interventions to tackle acute malnutrition and recommends the best practice analytical approach. Data from two projects, “Community Resilience and Acute Malnutrition” and “Building Resilience Adaptation Climate Extremes and Dangers,” were used to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of three different analytical approaches on seven common nutrition indicators.

Read the pdf of the study here.