Briefing Paper: Partnerships in Remote Management Settings – The cases of Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan


This publication summarizes the key insights and findings from a longer paper on humanitarian action and partnerships in remote management settings. You may access the full paper here. International organizations…

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Humanitarian Evidence Syntheses: A Mapping Exercise

By Kristin Bushby | April 2015

How has the humanitarian sector synthesized and catalogued evidence based-research between 2009 and the present? The attached map is a starting point for identifying existing evidence synthesis outputs in this…

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Mapping Evidence Syntheses in the Humanitarian Sector: Insights and Challenges

This publication accompanies a catalog of existing evidence syntheses in the humanitarian sector and discusses the methodological approach to this exercise. The purpose of this study was three-fold: (a) to identify…

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Breaking the Hourglass: Partnerships in Remote Management Settings–The Cases of Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan


For a glimpse into key insights and findings from this study, please consult the “Breaking the Hourglass” Briefing Paper. International organizations increasingly rely on local partners to engage in humanitarian…

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