JIPS hosts launch event for DART and new publication

On August 31, JIPS hosted a launch event to share two new projects.

Presented first was the second version of the Dynamic Analysis and Reporting Tool (DART). DART is an online easy-to-use system built to enable data sharing as well as joint analysis and reporting processes for profiling exercises to strengthen consensus and increase impact of results. Presentations were by Steven Corliss, UNHCR/DPSM Director, Andew Wyllie, OCHA/PSB Chief, and Assanke Koedam, JIPS’ IM Manager.

Second was Forced Displacement, Go Figure! Shaking the Box of Profiling IDP Situations. The publication, a joint effort by JIPS and the Feinstein International Center, calls for an update to the existing profiling guidance. It was co-authored by the Feinstein’s Karen Jacobsen, and JIPS coordinators and Feinstein visiting fellows William Chemaly, and Natalia Baal. It is based on seven years of JIPS’ operational experience.