Feinstein faculty and researchers publish three articles in Field Exchange

Feinstein International Center faculty and researchers published three articles in May issue of the Field Exchange. Click here to download the full issue. 

  • Merry Fitzpatrick et al’s article, “Kwashiorkor – reflections on the ‘revisiting the evidence’ series,” provides an overview of the reports and webinars on kwashiorkor malnutrition (page 11). This article emphasizes the importance of understanding kwashiorkor malnutrition. The article also reviews the evidence that may explain the signs of kwashiorkor, including protein deficiency and inadequate sulfur amino acid status. 
  • Helen Young, Anastasia Marshak, Anne Radday, and several FAO colleagues published: “Improving the way we address acute malnutrition in Africa’s drylands.” This article provides an overview of an adapted conceptual framework for analyzing and addressing acute malnutrition in Africa’s drylands (page 14). Learn more about this work here 
  • Anastasia Marshak, Gwenaëlle Luc, Anne Radday, and Helen Young published “Seasonality of acute malnutrition and its drivers.” This article summarizes findings from a 23-month study following approximately 200 children age 6-59 months across 89 households in eastern Chad (page 81).