April 2022Pre-research in northern Kenya: the gift of a scoping study

people visiting fields in northern Kenya

In February 2022, Elizabeth Stites made a scoping study visit to northern Kenya to learn about the context of the locations and test the effectiveness of our proposed data collection tools. Here’s some things she learned.

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February 2022Visiting a Unique Pastoral System in the Sahara Desert: the Gizu

camel herd grazing in the gizu North Darfur

This post shares experience from a recent visit to the gizu of North Darfur, Sudan for a research project that explores the potential of the gizu pastoral system and environment to generate benefits to herders’ livestock and livelihoods and to contribute to the wider economy of Darfur and peace and stability in the wider region.

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April 2020Gathering Data in Remote Settings

Merry Fitzpatrick test samples

Merry Fitzpatrick’s study on malnutrition in the DRC highlights some of the data collection challenges FIC researchers face and how to overcome them.

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April 2020Localized Research Methods for the Refugees in Towns Project

The Refugees in Towns (RIT) project is an early attempt to implement localized research practices despite many challenges.

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