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Briefing Paper: Conflict and Resilience: A Synthesis of Feinstein International Center Work on Building Resilience and Protecting Livelihoods in Conflict-Related Crises

Cover of the Conflict Resilience brief

This is a briefing paper of the full report. Resilience is defined as the ability of people to mitigate, weather, and “bounce back” from shocks or adversity. This definition is…

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A frozen conflict and a humanitarian program that works: UNHCR’s confidence building measures in Western Sahara

Western Sahara Conflict humanitarian intervention
By Karen Jacobsen | November 2017

This report describes a relatively unknown humanitarian program that has addressed one of the saddest aspects of displacement – the separation of families. Between 2004 and 2014, UNHCR’s Confidence Building Measures…

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The Financial Journey of Refugees

Financial Journey Of Refugees Cover
By Kim Wilson, Roxanne Krystalli | October 2017

This report investigates what money and financial transactions can reveal about the journeys and experiences of forced migration.

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Five years on: Livelihood advances, innovations, and continuing challenges in Karamoja, Uganda

This fifth year report examines key areas of change in Karamoja over the past five years to inform development programming decisions.

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Cities of Refuge

By World Bank, Karen Jacobsen | October 2017

This policy note focuses on urban forced displacement from the perspective of receiving towns and cities.

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