Planning from the Future: Is the Humanitarian System Fit for Purpose?


Does the humanitarian system have the capacity and vision to respond effectively to the crises of today, tomorrow, and deep into the future? This report analyses the failings of the…

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Building Livelihood Opportunities for Refugee Populations: Lessons from Past Practice

By Karen Jacobsen, Susan Fratzke | September 2016

This report outlines the types of livelihood efforts that aid agencies have undertaken in countries of first asylum and explores the challenges they face in realizing the full promise of these approaches. The authors offer recommendations to improve effectiveness.

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Forced Displacement, Go Figure! Shaking the Box of Profiling IDP Situations


This book is a joint effort from JIPS and the Feinstein International Center that calls for an update to the existing international guidance for profiling.

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Risk, Resilience, and Pastoralist Mobility


This report investigates the practice of pastoralism in Sudan. The authors delineate migration patterns and rationales as well as market strategies, and also offer recommendations for policymakers and service providers interacting with any community that includes pastoralists.

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A Better Balance: Revitalized Pastoral Livelihoods in Karamoja, Uganda


This report reviews the state of animal-based livelihoods in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda and examines how animal ownership affects a household’s ability to weather shocks.

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