Can revolutionary medicine revolutionize the humanitarian system?

By Nicola Dahrendorf | June 2016

Cuba’s contribution to and involvement in humanitarian activities provide an instructive and challenging lens through which to investigate alternative courses to Western dominated humanitarian action. Cuba’s participation in a range…

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Protection in the context of humanitarian action

By Norah Niland | June 2016

The bulk of humanitarian action occurs in armed conflict settings and this will likely persist into the foreseeable future. Therefore, protection – keeping people safe from armed violence, abuse, discrimination,…

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Change the context not the girls: Improving efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone


In 2013 Sierra Leone ranked among the ten nations with the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the world. If the Government of Sierra Leone’s renewed National Strategy for the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy is to succeed, a more contextually tailored approach is needed. This report makes five recommendations.

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Regional Humanitarian Challenges in the Sahel


The Sahel rarely makes headlines. Until the early 2000s, it was on the margins of geopolitical interest and of humanitarian action and debate. Today, the Sahel is on center stage…

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No End in Sight: A Case Study of Humanitarian Action and the Syrian Conflict Component 2. The Contemporary Humanitarian Landscape: Malaise, Blockages and Game Changes

By Kimberly Howe | May 2016

The scale of the Syrian conflict and resulting humanitarian need constitute one of the largest crises of our time.  This case study analyzes contemporary humanitarian action inside Syria, cross-border operations,…

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