Abubakr Mohamed Juma Siam

Abubakr Mohamed Juma SiamVisiting Fellow

Abubakr Mohamed Juma Siam is the principal at the University of Al Fashir in North Darfur, Sudan and an associate professor of forestry and natural environment. As the university’s principal, he oversees the administrative and financial affairs for the university. Previously, he served as the Dean of College of Graduate Studies, Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of International Relations, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources, and Head of the Department of Forestry and Range Sciences.

Abubakr’s research interests focus on tree ecophysiology and natural resources management in arid lands. He is dedicated to integration of science into diplomacy and has established academic and research partnerships between university of Al-Fashir and various international and UN agencies. He has also organized and facilitated many forums and workshops to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on natural resources.

Abubakr leads the University of Al Fashir’s research under the Taadoud II project. One study focuses on the role of community based natural resource management committees in Taadoud communities. The second study explores the local institutions’ responses to COVID-19 and the impact of containment measures in North Darfur.

Abubakr has Ph.D. in forestry and natural environment from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.