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In this partnership with Mercy Corps, the Feinstein International Center team investigates the nature of social networks and social connectedness, and explores how humanitarian assistance can strengthen these as a key aspect of resilience, recovery and relief interventions in complex humanitarian emergencies.

Budikadidi is a five-year (2016-2021) development program to promote self-sufficiency and improved nutrition in the isolated, under-developed Kasai Orientale Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).The Feinstein International Center is leading three studies under this program.

This study is a partnership with Concern Worldwide that aims to inform programming around water, livestock, and nutrition in the Goz Beida area. It investigates the seasonal patterns of acute malnutrition and its key drivers in the Goz Beida Region.

The One Nutrition in Complex Environments (ONCE) study tests a new way of preventing and addressing acute malnutrition through a cluster-randomized trial.

This project collects and commissions case studies of urban settings (towns, cities or sub-areas of cities) in which refugees or internally displaced people have been living for more than two years.

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