Tufts Hosts the Boston Launch of the State of the Humanitarian System Report

State of the Humanitarian System Report

Every three years, the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP) releases its flagship State of the Humanitarian System Report. They launched the 2018 report in December and included Tufts as part of its launch itinerary.

Paul Knox-Clark, the lead author of the report, provided an overview of key findings from the analysis. Then a panel of Boston-based humanitarians discussed themes that are particularly relevant to the Boston community.

Polly Byers, Executive Director of CDA Collaborative Learning discussed the localization  agenda.

Anastasia Marshak, Feinstein researcher and PhD candidate, spoke about the issue of data and evidence—how we interpret and use it or how we misinterpret it and misuse it—in the context of nutrition in the Sahel.

Patrick Vinck, Research Director at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, spoke directly to humanitarian agencies to address the fact that they have become data agencies. He discussed risks and responsibilities that this imposes on humanitarians.

Dan Maxwell moderated the discussion.

The event was cosponsored by The MIT Humanitarian Response Lab, The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Oxfam America, and CDA Collaborative Learning.