Karen Jacobsen discusses Syrian Refugees in TuftsNow Article

In a recent Tufts Now article written by Heather Stephenson, Karen Jacobsen explains why Turkey is seeking to push out Syrian refugees.

The article, titled, “Why is Turkey Pushing Refugees to Return to Syria?” discusses Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s controversial proposal to send refugees back to Syria, resettling them in an expanded safe zone in the northern part of that country.

In the article, Jacobsen states that, “We hope that [Erdogan] does not send back refugees, because it would be a violation of international law, but also very unlikely that it would be successful. It’s both illegal and impractical.”

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Jacobsen is quoted in the Brookings article “Turkey’s Syrian refugees–the welcome fades,” written by Omer Karasapan. Read more here.