Evan Easton-Calabria publishes on researching international organizations

Researchers studying international organizations often rely on documents produced by these organizations but can face challenges in analyzing large amounts of available text.

Evan Easton-Calabria and William Allen have co-written a chapter on Computational Text Analysis and Archival Methods in the newly published, open-access book, International Organizations and Research Methods: An Introduction.

The chapter outlines how researchers can combine the power of simple computational textual analysis techniques with interpretive archival methods to confer efficiency and empirical validity to studies on international organizations’ written outputs.

Students and researchers can identify methods and insights in this book to initiate and pursue research projects on international organizations. The book is a practical guide that can be used throughout the research process, from defining questions to collecting and generating data, as well as offering guidance during analysis and writing phases.

Published by University of Michigan Press, the open-access book is available for free download.