Elizabeth Stites and Kimberly Howe’s article on conflict in Karamjoa, Uganda published in the Journal of Modern African Studies

In March, 2019 the Journal of Modern African Studies published Elizabeth Stites and Kimberly Howe‘s article “From the Border to the Bedroom: Changing Conflict Dynamics in Karamoja, Uganda.”

The article pulls on primary data to examine the shifts from large-scale raiding to opportunistic theft as well as the profound transformation in the security environment over the past 10 years. Elizabeth and Kimberly argue that the combination of a top-down sustained disarmament campaign and grassroots peace resolutions have created relative stability for the first time in decades. This stability has allowed for the expansion of markets, investments by national and international actors, and the rejuvenation of livelihoods for many residents. However, while large-scale violent cattle raids are largely a thing of the past, violence and insecurity have shifted to the domestic sphere in the form of small-scale but pervasive thefts and rampant domestic violence.

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