COVID-19 and Intersectionality Discussion and Resources

April 2020

On Wednesday April 15, faculty and students from the Fletcher School and Friedman organized a panel discussing “Intersectionality and Covid-19.” Intersectionality refers to the ways that diverse social and political identities (gender, race, ethnicity, class, caste, sexuality, ability, etc.) can combine to create conditions and experiences of discrimination or privilege.¬† The panelists spoke on a number of pressing areas within the Covid-19 pandemic. This event was made possible by The Gender and Women’s Leadership Program at Fletcher.

If you would like to watch a recording of this event click here.

The Speakers included: Kimberly Theidon, Nicholas Cicchinelli, Kelsey Wise, Kinsey Spears, Bridget Conley, Jeremiah Anthony, Dyan Mazurana 



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