Sabina Robillard co-authored a blog looking at localization in the context of Cite Soleil, Haiti

man in front of graffitti Haiti

In April 2020, Sabina Robillard and Louino Robillard wrote a blog, “No Angels, No Devils: a view on ‘localization’ from Cite Soleil,” for CDA Collaborative. Cite Soleil is a marginalized neighborhood on the outskirts of Port au Prince, Haiti, where both authors have lived and worked. The authors transport the reader to the neighborhood and show the challenges of all types of humanitarian aid through the residents eyes.

Sabina has been working with local associations and organizations in Cite Soleil for the past ten years. She lived for two years in Cite Soleil. Louino ‘Robi’ Robillard was raised in Cite Soleil from the age of five. He is involved in dozens of community organizations, platforms, and movements in Haiti.

Read the post here.