Leben Nelson Moro

Leben Nelson MoroVisiting Fellow

Leben Nelson Moro is Director of International and Alumni Affairs at the University of Juba, and teaches graduate courses in the areas of development, conflict, forced migration and humanitarian affairs at the University’s Center for Peace and Development Studies. He received a Master of Public Administration at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and Master of Science in Forced Migration and Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies at University of Oxford, UK. He primarily conducts research on development-induced displacement and resettlement, focusing on oil, conflict, and displacement in South Sudan. He has conducted fieldwork in South Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, and Kenya. Some of the findings of his studies appeared in the Journal of Refugee Studies, St Anthony’s International Review, Forced Migration Review, New Internationalist, and Pambazuka News.

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Statebuilding and legitimacy: experiences of South Sudan

This report uses South Sudan as an example to interrogate people’s perceptions of the state, asking what – if not service delivery – fosters state legitimacy.

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Key Lessons Learned on International Engagement

This paper explains that aid actors in South Sudan have largely failed because they applied technical solutions to political problems.

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Livelihoods and conflict in South Sudan

This briefing paper recommends a rethink in the way that aid actors approach questions of recovery and livelihood. Rather than a simplistic either/ or approach, what is needed is a much more localized and deeper analysis of conflict, inter-communal grievances and inter-communal relations.

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Complexities of Service Delivery and State Building

This paper describes the findings from research carried out in several areas of South Sudan in the context of armed conflict and raiding. The findings show that despite state-building efforts, service delivery remained inadequate in remote areas and that the interface between service delivery and people’s perceptions of the state is complex.

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Trajectories of international engagement with state and local actors: Evidence from South Sudan
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What can international aid policymakers and practitioners learn from the history of international engagement with South Sudan prior to and during the current conflict? This paper traces shifts in international…

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