Promoting Agriculture, Health, and Alternative Livelihoods (PAHAL) in Nepal

This USAID-funded five-year project (2014-2019) aims to improve food security, resilience, and livelihoods for poor and marginalized communities in select areas of rural Nepal.

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Engaging Male Youth in Karamoja, Uganda An examination of the factors driving the perpetrationof violence and crime by young men in Karamoja and the applicability of a communications and relationships program to address related behavior

Food Security Measurement

Under this project, a variety of food security indicators are incorporated into field surveys of other studies in order to assess their applicability, cost, reliability, and internal, external, and construct validity.

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Policy Support to the Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative, Ethiopia

This project aimed to strengthen policy and practice in selected pastoralist areas of Ethiopia.

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Traditional Justice and Accountability in Northern Uganda

This field research will document and analyze how traditional justice and accountability systems in northern Uganda address war-related crimes and harms committed during the region’s conflict. Special attention will be given to how these informal systems take up rebel- and government-perpetrated crimes against women and girls.

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