Basic characterization and treatment of kwashiorkor

September 2020

This is the first of three webinars in the Revisiting the Evidence on Kwashiorkor Malnutrition Webinar Series. Panelists discuss recent research related to treatment, nutrition, and the biochemical mechanisms associated with kwashiorkor. The event was moderated by André Briend with panelists Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera (Action Against Hunger UK), Merry Fitzpatrick (Feinstein International Center at Tufts University), and Bryan Gonzales (Wageningen University).

Revisiting the Evidence on Kwashiorkor Malnutrition

Through a series of webinars in late 2020, current researchers and practitioners review recent evidence related to kwashiorkor. These webinars will lead to another meeting of experts to discuss and advance kwashiorkor prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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